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Korda SOTA Underwater Carp Fishing DVD All Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Korda SOTA Underwater Carp Fishing DVD All Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
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Korda SOTA Underwater Carp Fishing DVD All Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Part One:

Filmed at Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire. Danny discovers gems such as, how a spod full of bait land on the bottom? When do fish feed on it? How much bait to introduce and the importance of location.

…are the Tench really as cute as we have been told?

…do the Carp really muscle the Tench out or will they feed together?

.how much bait do the nuisance fish eat and does the whole spod mix get to the bottom?

…what's the reaction to pop-ups?

…and much, much more

Part Two:

Korda follows a marker float from 80 yards out, right up to the margins; through gravel and sand. Using split screen technology we marry this footage with exactly what Danny is doing on the bank so you can see if what we think is out there is really out there. You will never find out more about feature finding in one video. We film from the rig to the rod tip with 4 of today's most popular braided, mono and fluorocarbon lines. We note their appearance from every angle. How much is on the bottom and show you ways of hiding the line better than ever. How do modern leader materials appear?

We also give you a priceless insight into just how effective, or otherwise, modern day rigs and indicators are.

Does braid make a difference?

Are running rigs better than bolt rigs?

Add to this an in-depth look at how rigs settle on the bottom, camouflage tricks, rigs for weed and gravel, how weed lies on the lake bed, inline and swivel lead options and too many other edges to mention.

Part Three:

Shot at RMC's aptly named 'Blue Pool' in the south of England this film again concentrates on studying the carp feeding on the lake bed from a fishes eye view.

In footage that far exceeds that achieved in Part One, we are able to show you how the carp feed on free baits and those connected to a rig, and you will see carp actually hooking themselves on, and getting away with, many of today's most up to date rigs.

Follow Korda's founder Danny Fairbrass as he moves through a host of presentations in order to achieve consistent action from these very cute clear water carp. Getting the first bite proved far more difficult than expected, Danny's problem solving mind is stretched to the limit which has in turn given carp anglers everywhere a far more informative film on how to fool wary carp.

Danny recalls 'Shooting and editing this film has made an immeasurable difference to my fishing and I challenge any carp angler alive to not learn from this footage. With a new super wide angle fish eye lens and a narrow angle close up we are able to cut from a view of the whole swim to just the rig allowing you to study the carp in its natural environment like never before.' Add to this new space-age graphics and chaptering by rig, this two disc, 3.5 hour epic can be enjoyed in a single sitting or broken up as you wish. So pull up an easy chair, relax and prepare to enter the world of the carp!

Part Four:

Following on from the groundbreaking footage in Part 3, Part 4 concentrates on the carp’s reaction to PARTICLE BAITS.

For the first time ever watch the carp feed and get caught on maggots, the feeding response they create is different to that of boilies alone. Follow Danny as he continues to look at new ways of fooling these very wary creatures in the clear waters of RMC's Blue Pool.

Action comes from the first cast and no less than 9 carp are caught on camera from the moment they pick up the bait to rolling over the cord of the landing net, add to this lost fish, aborted takes and countless occasions when they sense something is wrong and avoid the rig. Plus, watch Danny falling in and being caught with his trousers down!

Part 4 features more underwater footage than ever before and many detailed sections on how Danny puts his maggot and particle rigs together, including a totally new way of camouflaging the hook which will put more fish on the bank for you.

Korda's professional approach to film making with the usual 'Space Age' graphics and chaptering enable you to enjoy this near 4 hour epic in a single sitting or broken up at your convenience. So once again its time to hang up the rods for an evening and get ready to take your carping to a new level!

Part Five:

Join Danny and the team as they undertake the mission to catch and film from start to finish an English 30lb carp on the banks of the beautiful Wellington Country Park. Filmed more in the style of a documentary you will be able to watch from the moment the cameras go in. See the frustrations the team have with technical problems then witness the excitement as the crystal clear waters give host to the best footage of big carp feeding ever filmed.

The cameras follow Danny as he tries to fool some of the wiliest carp the team have ever filmed and with new technology watch as the 'close up' really does give a fishes eye view of the rig and the carp picking up and getting away with lots of different presentations.

Danny says 'Filming part 5 was in parts very frustrating, loosing a really big fish at the start of the film was heart breaking, as trying to catch a 30lb carp in front of the cameras was perhaps a tall order. But with help from the team, we achieve what we set out to do and I think we have delivered a film that anglers of all abilities won't fail to learn more about carp and there behaviour in the swim. The footage in parts is incredible; it's like having an aquarium full of 30lb carp in your living room it will get everyone thinking!'

Part 5 is without doubt a 'must see', sit back and prepare to be taken to the edge of your seat by possibly the best carp fishing film ever made!

Part Six:

Part 6 of State of the Art Underwater Carp Fishing was filmed back to back with Part 5 and details the ongoing session on the now famous 'clear patch' at Wellington Country Park.

Because the fishing is in full flow and the carp have already been fed on the spot for over a week, the action is instant. Bites come from the first few minutes and Danny and Damian suffer the traditional 'highs' and 'lows' of big carp angling in front of the cameras.

This film is concerned almost exclusively with 'Boilie Fishing' which many followers of the series have been asking for. Many new rigs are used, including, Stiff Rigs, The Long Hair, D Rigs, The Chod Rig and The Drop Off Inline. As such the film boasts new underwater footage which will leave you both inspired to try new things and perplexed at what to try next!

In a totally new 'twist' Danny invites top anglers Nick Helleur and Steve Fantuzzi of Yateley Angling fame to survey the scene on the underwater camera's and design a rig to suit. Their respective styles of fishing are 'distinct' from Danny's which adds a whole new dimension to the film.

Danny says 'You can see instantly that we are in full swing the moment the film starts, and those big Wellie 30's are hungry and ready to out smart us, or so they think! This film 'flows' more than any other with new rigs, plenty of bites, special guests, stand up rows in the swim and an average weight of 29lb's! So sit back, get your note pad and pen and be prepared to add another dimension to your angling. Part 6 cannot fail to put extra fish on the bank for you!'

Part Seven:

Ali Hamidi managed to convince Danny Fairbrass to dust off the underwater camera kit and give it another go. The duo set about planning an underwater assault on the carp of Linear Fisheries St Johns Lake. “We picked St Johns because we wanted to go to a lake that had very pressured carp in it.” Ali told us. St Johns also has some huge carp in it and it wasn’t long before they were making regular visits to the margin spot that the team had chosen. One fish that was immediately recognizable was the fantastic Big Plated, but no one could have guessed that it would give Dan his first bite of the DVD! “Size wise, we knew there was a chance of a forty pounder.” Ali explained, “Did we ever expect to catch one? I can’t say we did. Did we ever expect to catch the Big Plated? I can’t say we did, so it was probably the most shocking positive experience that I’ve had at my time at Korda!”

Although conditions weren’t always favourable, the fish kept coming and the tactical insight that the footage gives is quite unique, as Ali explains, “I learned so much; I think I came out of there probably 10 years wiser after that month in a bivvy. It’s no longer just Dan and Dan’s view; it’s now my view, Tom’s view and Damian Clarke is there for periods too. You get different people giving honest opinions about what’s happening.”

Ali is sure that everyone will learn from the two-part series, telling us that, “I don’t think there’s been a single session since we stopped filming when I haven’t done something that I learned on that DVD. To someone who’s been carp fishing 22 years that has to be quite significant. It will make a big impact on you and I hope you enjoy it.” Part 7 focuses on the early part of the filming including, of course, the incredible footage of the Big Plated falling foul of Dan’s rig. It gives us an up-close-and-personal view of the performance of Dan’s favourite tactics as the wary St Johns fish come in to feed in front of the cameras. You’ll watch engrossed as the drama unfolds both out in the lake and inside the Trakker Colossus control centre pitched next to the lake. The reaction of the team as fish feed and ‘get away’ with it time and again gives the film another dimension and you’ll be on the edge of your seat with them!

How significant is the new instalment of the Underwater franchise? Well, Ali wasn’t pulling any punches, “As we filmed we were telling people that we were making history and by the time we’d finished the shoot, I really felt that we had made history. It will take a monumental effort to better what we’ve just done.”

Part Eight:

For the very first time on an Underwater film, Danny Fairbrass surrenders the rod, letting first Tom Dove, and then Ali Hamidi, take the reins and test their tactics in front of the underwater cameras. Needless to say, this development results in some of the most absorbing and compelling footage ever filmed in the carp-fishing arena. The famous residents of St Johns play their part too and we renew our acquaintances with the likes of Gums, The Box Common and the Big and Small Plated mirrors. The lads try their favourite tactics and to say that the results were eye-opening would be doing the whole production a disservice! Every missed chance and ejected rig is captured on film as Tom and Ali try to out-think their wary quarry, tweaking and developing their presentations to hook more carp. They learned loads while filming this epic and you can tap into that yourself when you get your copy. Just like Underwater 7, part 8 climaxes with the capture of yet another of the St Johns A-Team, on a rig whose performance surprised the whole team!

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