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PowerBait Pulse Shad 6cm, 8cm, 11cm, 14cm - Fishing Lures

PowerBait Pulse Shad 6cm, 8cm, 11cm, 14cm - Fishing Lures
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Product Details

PowerBait Pulse Shad 6cm, 8cm, 11cm & 14cm - Fishing Lures


Sizes Available;

6cm(8 Pack), 8cm(4 Pack), 11cm(3 Pack) & 14cm(2 Pack)

6cm bulk, 8cm bulk, 11cm bulk & 14cm bulk(25 Pack)

Simply select the size from the drop down menu.

The Pulse shad is the first shape developed for the European market in 2006. Super soft for even more action at low speed. Updated eye pattern and colour line-up.

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