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Masterline Rovex Fishing Arctic Lightweight Thermal Boots & Boot Liners

Masterline Rovex Fishing Arctic Lightweight Thermal Boots & Boot Liners
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Masterline Rovex Fishing Arctic Lightweight Thermal Boots & Boot Liners

Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are part of the Rovex line developed for the European market by Australian Outdoor company Jarvis Walker. Combining their engineering strength and years of experience has allowed them to develop the Rovex line with exceptional value at reasonable prices.

Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are made of special EVA material comprised of millions of tiny air pockets. This gives the boots an amazingly unique combination of lightweight, thermal insulation and durability. Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots weigh on average 35% less than an average boot. This helps reduce fatigue when wearing. The EVA will mold itself over time to the anglers foot resulting in a custom fit making them extremely comfortable to wear for long stretches. In addition, they also have a removable and washable fleece liner. These thermal boots will keep any anglers feet warm down to -30 degrees celsius where they remain surprisingly supple and flexible.

Rovex Arctic Thermal Boots are waterproof and come in the full range of standard sizes.

Made from a special cellular EVA material, these boots incorporate millions of tiny air pockets that offer a unique combination of lightness and thermal insulation and durability which can outlast normal boots by up to 2-3 times. The result is an amazingly lightweight boot (on average 35% lighter than normal boots) which not only keeps your feet warm but greatly reduces fatigue. The boots are extremely comfortable to wear as the EVA, over time, moulds itself to your feet and stays extremely supple at low temperatures. To further enhance your comfort the boots have removable and washable fleece liners.

  • -30 DEGREES
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