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Korda Guru Original / Light / Incredible Catapults & Spare Pouches / Elastics

Korda Guru Original / Light / Incredible Catapults & Spare Pouches / Elastics
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Korda Guru Original / Light / Incredible Catapults & Spare Pouches / Elastics

A range of three catapults, spare elastics and pouches

The Original Pult is a great all-rounder

The Light Pult is ideal for pole fishing

The Incredible Pult makes baiting at distance easy

A range of three catapults and accessories that will cover you for all your fishing needs. The Original Pult was the first Guru catapult and is still regarded as the benchmark for coarse-fishing 'pults! It's the perfect all rounder because strong elastic runs through the remarkable hollow frame of the catapult, allowing the elastics to be tensioned across six different pegging positions along the frame. This allows you to vary the tension in the elastic to hit a variety of ranges with consistency throughout your session. The elastics themselves are extremely strong and durable. However, when you do need to change them, you'll be pleased to note that there are spare elastics available. The pouch has been carefully crafted to facilitate this unrivalled accuracy of feeding, grouping baits like maggots, casters, pellets and corn extremely tightly. The accuracy that these pults allow will make be the difference between second and first in your next match! The Light Pult has all the same technical features of the Original, but is much more delicate and has been designed primarily for pole fishing. As a result, it's perfect for grouping light baits tightly at up to 20m. The Incredible Pult is, as the name suggests, is perfect for baiting tightly at long range. As well as the catapults themselves, we also produce a full range of spares, including elastics and pouches.

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